About the WCR


The WCR consists of the common room itself and an attached kitchen, located adjacent to the library on the main college site. The common room is large and well-appointed, with a dining table, big lounge area, a media centre boasting an extensive DVD library, a collection of popular board games, and many other handy amenities. The kitchen is stocked with tea and coffee, and can be used for cooking by any WCR member. The WCR maintains a set of subscriptions to popular newpapers and periodicals, which are available to all for reading in the common room. All of this makes the common room a great place to be, whether to catch up on the news, watch a film, have a meal, or relax with your friends.

Events and Entertainment

Our Social Secretaries are in change of running the WCR’s rich and varied social calendar! In addition to the regular welfare teas and the chocolate and cheese ‘Sunday socials’, the WCR hosts at least 2 exchange dinners per term with other colleges, 1 bop (aka party) per term, Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners and even wine tastings. Members of the WCR are encouraged to organise their own events and publicise them through our Facebook page.


An important role of the WCR committee is to represent the interests of the Univ graduate population to the College and University. This requires liaising with all areas of the College including the kitchens, the Domestic Bursary, the Academic Office, the Treasury, the Dean’s Office, etc. If you have a problem which needs to be brought to the attention of any of the college offices, feel free to get in touch with any member of the committee. Their contact information can be found here.