Most first-year graduates are housed on the main site along Merton Street and Magpie Lane. These houses may contain as few as three, or as many as thirteen, students and the accommodation varies. The buildings are old and every room is unique, so you may find low ceilings or creaky floorboards. The rooms vary widely in size and light, but most have a beautiful aspect. Many of the rooms on Merton Steet look out across Merton Field, while others face onto a stone courtyard with a fountain.

You will usually share a toilet and shower with 4 – 5 other students, although in the larger houses many of the rooms contain sinks. Most houses have adequate kitchen facilities, and in those that do not, fridges are supplied in the rooms.

After the first year, single-room housing is available for graduate students at the complex on Staverton Road in North Oxford (see below under Families). There are also six rooms in the boat house which are reserved for graduate students. Accommodation is not guaranteed and students need to enter a ballot, but in recent years everyone who has applied for accommodation has been offered a college room.


Graduate students with partners and/or children may request housing in the College’s properties on Staverton Road. There are both one- and two-bedroom furnished flats with private kitchens and bathrooms. The kitchens are fully stocked, and each flat contains sheets, towels, a vacuum cleaner, an iron, and an ironing board.

The properties at Staverton Road are in Summertown, approximately 2.5 km (1.6 mi) from the main College site. Buses run frequently between Summertown and the city centre, and most residents of Staverton own cycles. The map below shows the complex:

The “A” on the map indicates just one of the five large buildings that make up the complex.

Students living at Staverton Road in the flats have year-round accommodation. Utilities are not included and rates vary by the size of the flat.


Regardless of the size or facilities of your room, every student housed on the main site at Univ pays the same rent. This includes water and gas bills. The College offers short, medium and long contracts.

A short contract covers term time only, and students only have residence from Thursday of Week 0 to Saturday of Week 8 each term.

A medium contract will cover the Christmas and Easter vacations as well.

Students on the short contract should note that when they vacate college and are not paying for their room, their room must be emptied of all possessions or they will be charged the full daily rate.