Applying to Univ

Graduate students should not apply to the College directly; applications are assessed first by the relevant department or faculty (known as the ‘University Admitting Body’ or UAB) and then by the College. Should you be offered a place by your department, you will be guaranteed a college place, but it may not be your first choice. Whether or not Univ can offer you a place will depend on both academic fit – whether the College feels they can support your research – and numbers. The College aims to admit outstanding candidates across a range of fields and cannot always make offers to student in subjects in which there are already a high number of graduates. Students should keep in mind, too, that Univ is a very popular graduate college and places generally fill up quickly, so those applying late in the application cycle are less likely to be offered a place.

We think Univ is a particularly fantastic college for graduates, but applicants shouldn’t get too caught up in the stress of choosing a college or be distressed if they are not made an offer by Univ or the college of their first choice. As a graduate, your teaching and research will be done in your department rather than in college and many graduates find they spend very little time on the college site. The college system provides academic and pastoral support and the MCR provides opportunities for students to meet and socialise with students from many different departments, but ultimately your college is merely one of many sources of academic and social support. Rest assured that wherever you are accepted, your college will offer you a warm welcome.

For more information about applying to Oxford and Univ, see the admissions page on the Univ website and on the main university website.

For more information about choosing a college, see the college guide.