Univ’s Hall

Graduates can take any meal in hall, and Univ is known for its excellent food! There are at least two different options for a hot main course, often more, and there is always a salad bar. Vegetarian options are always available, but vegan options are not guaranteed. Formal hall is offered three times a week, and the hall staff are always willing to cater to special dietary requirements.

You pay for meals taken in hall on your university ID card, and you can put money on your card via the college intranet. Costs for each meal depend on the quantity and type of food chosen, but the college subsidizes food to keep costs low.

All graduate houses have good kitchen facilities. Most kitchens contain at least one fridge, an oven, a hob, a microwave and a kettle. Students will need to supply their own utensils, although many of the houses have an extensive collection left by former residents. Fridges are placed in the rooms of students who do not have access to adequate kitchen facilities.