Do I need to be a member of a college?

Yes. Every graduate student at Oxford must be a member of a college. Your college provides you with pastoral care and should be your first port of call should you encounter any difficulties, academic or otherwise.

For more information, see Applying to Univ.

Why should I choose Univ?

For so many reasons! As Oxford’s oldest college, Univ is steeped in rich history and unique traditions and these are combined with a progressive and friendly atmosphere. The College has one of the highest ratios of graduates to undergraduates in a mixed college, and graduates never feel like they are taking second place. First year students live onsite and are welcomed into college life. Once a term the College hosts a dinner specifically for graduate students: in Michaelmas term, there is the annual Altschul Dinner at which graduates are introduced to other students in their subject area; in Hilary there is a guest night to which graduates can bring friends and family; and in Trinity there is a supervisor’s dinner to which students are invited to bring their supervisors from outside College. The College has some of the most generous bursaries at Oxford and is quick to provide support to students in difficulty. At Univ, you will be surrounded by outstanding students and researchers at the top of their fields: there is no better place to study!

How much does it cost?

For the year 2011/12, college fees for graduates were £2238. The university estimates graduate living costs for 2012/13 at £12900. Program fees vary: for more information, see the university’s Fees and living costs webpage.

Where is Univ and how do I get there?

Univ is one of the most centrally located Oxford colleges (see the University’s map of all of them here). Univ’s main entrance is on the High Street, opposite Queen’s College and Queen’s Lane. The Oxford Tube, which connects Oxford with London, and the Airline Bus from both Heathrow and Gatwick stop right outside Univ at the Queen’s Lane bus stop on High St, so you don’t need to worry about dragging heavy bags across cobble stones!

If you are driving, you should know that there are NO parking facilities within college. Cars can stop for 5 minutes only on Merton St or Logic Lane to unload luggage.

You will be sent detailed directions in your Welcome Pack.

What should I do when I arrive at College?

Go to the porter’s lodge (at the main entrance on High Street). The porter will give you the key to your room and direct you to find your house, or find a committee member to show you the way.

What do I need to bring?

For graduates living on the main site, your college room will have a bed, a desk, a noticeboard, a bookshelf and a wardrobe. Many will also have fridges and sinks. College rooms do not have mirrors. You will need to bring your own pillows, sheets and bedding. Many students also find they need an extra lamp in their rooms. You are not allowed to stick anything to the walls of your room, but the rooms have large pinboards so feel free to bring posters and other decorations!

There is one laundry for all students on the main site, and each load costs £1 to wash and £1 to dry. You will need to provide your own laundry powder. Cooking utensils are not provided, but many kitchens are well supplied from previous residents.

Suitcase storage and storage over the vacation is only provided for international students.

For graduates with families living at the complex on Staverton Road, see the Accommodation page for more information about the furnished flats.

You will find a checklist in your Welcome Pack: read it closely!

Do graduates have access to the college library and computer room?

Univ has its own graduate computer room solely for graduate use, located beneath the master’s lodgings. Students can print or photocopy up to 300 pages free of charge per year, but must supply their own paper. There is also a computer room with a printer and scanner at the Staverton Road complex.

Graduates are welcome to use the College library’s vast holdings which can be borrowed for an entire term and/or vacation, although many find there is not enough literature relevant to their course of study and prefer to work through their department’s library. The College library will usually buy books upon a student’s request.

Who should I talk to if I have a problem?

If you have an academic problem which you do not feel can be resolved by your department or departmental supervisor, you can talk to your college adviser. Univ’s senior tutor, Dr. Anne Knowland, is always happy to discuss matters relating to your academic progress. You can also approach the Dean of Graduates, Professor Peter Jezzard.

You can contact any member of the WCR Committee with problems relating to your welfare and life at Oxford. Our welfare officer (Julia Brouard) is always available to discuss any problems with complete confidentiality. The committee represents your interests to both the College and the University, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any problems.

You can also turn to the Pro-Dean for Welfare (Dr Andrew Gregory), the Welfare Registrar (Mrs Jane Vicat) or the College Nurse, all of whom will do their utmost to assist you.

Does the college cater to vegetarians and vegans?

There is always a vegetarian option available in hall and a salad bar, but there is no guaranteed vegan option. All dietary requirements can be catered for at formal hall, as long as a special request is placed in advance.

Is there a college bar?

Yes, Univ has a college bar which is open until 11 pm most nights. The bar has a pool table, table football, and Sky Sports. With cheap drinks and good company, this is always a fun place to hang out after a hard day’s work!

What social activities does the WCR provide?

The WCR committee organises one bop (Oxford code for party) per term, as well as the ‘Sunday social’, a chance for graduates to get together in the WCR every Sunday evening for cheese and snacks. Other events have included barbeques, pub crawls, club nights and organised outings to the theatre, to museums and to movies. The common room provides board games, daily newspapers and magazines, films, video games and a television and is a great place to hang out.

Can I get involved in sport at college?

There are no graduate-specific sports teams, but graduates are welcome to participate in every sport the College offers (see the Clubs and Sports page). In the past year, graduates have taken part in summer eights (rowing), football, boxing and ice hockey, to name just a few. Many graduates take advantage of Univ’s squash court and croquet set. Graduates can also participate in sport at the University level; to find out more about sport at Oxford, have a look at the sport website.

What about music and the arts?

Univ is known for having Oxford’s largest non-auditioning choir, and graduates are welcome to participate in the College’s exciting musical life. Students are welcome to practice the piano in the College music room. The Univ players host one summer production in the gardens each year and auditions are open to any member of the college. The WCR runs the annual art fund, which aims to encourage graduate students to express their creativity in the fine arts.

Didn’t find your question on this page? Email any member of the WCR Committee or fill out the Contact form: we’ll do our best to answer it quickly.