WCR Committee

The members of the committee will be your main point of contact for most WCR matters. The WCR committee represents the graduate community to both the college and the university, looks after the welfare of WCR members and, most importantly, organises the social life of Univ grad students. Every committee member is happy to answer any questions or queries you might have, so don’t be shy!

Who are we?

Max Shock, President

Max is a DPhil Candidate in History who hopes to create a more inclusive and accessible WCR and college. Please contact him for all things WCR, or have a chat with him at grad bar night (he’s a regular).

Course: DPhil in History

Background: BA in History, MSt in Modern British and European History, both at Univ

Contact:preferably max.shock@univ.ox.ac.uk, but also wcr.president@univ.ox.ac.uk

Lizzie Raine
, Vice President / Treasurer

Lizzie is an Oxford veteran, having arrived back in 2010 for her undergrad, she hasn’t found a way out of the Chemistry department since. During the day she throws chemicals together and hopes they do something cool but aside from pretending like she is a mad scientist, she enjoys baking and traveling. As your VP she helps with the running of the MCR and finds the money for all the fun activities we run.

Course: DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry

Background: MChem Chemistry, Lady Margaret Hall Oxford

Contact: wcr.vpresident@univ.ox.ac.uk

Olivia Ashton
, Secretary / Webmaster

In her attempts to save the world from fossil fuels, Olivia has been dashing about the country learning about solar panels. In transition to her graduate studies, she has also moved over to the dark side of physics. When not pretending to be a physicist and study sunlight, she loves diving to the bottom of the ocean to hang out with fish, or reading as many books as she can lay her hands on. As the WCR Secretary she’s here to make sure everything runs smoothly and to time.

Course: DPhil in Physics (CDT-PV)

Background: MSci in Chemistry, Imperial College London

Contact: wcr.secretary@univ.ox.ac.uk

mitch_website Mitch Robertson, Welfare Officer

Another of your Australian committee members, Mitch hails from Melbourne. He’s a first-year DPhil in US history. When venturing outside the Rothermere American Institute, he enjoys playing Australian rules football, reading crime novels, and planning his next (12th!) Bruce Springsteen concert. With James, he is one of your WCR Welfare Officers and is keen to ensure that Univ is a caring and supportive place for all members of the community.

Course:DPhil in History

Background: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – University of Melbourne; MSt in US History – Balliol College.

Contact: wcr.welfare@univ.ox.ac.uk

liliana_websiteLiliana Barbieri, Social Secretary

Liliana is an Italian girl strongly motivated in bringing her Sicilian Sun at UNIV, even in a winter day! Chatting, Playing and Dancing are her 3 Magic Words!! During a normal day, you will find her in a dark lab imaging cells and molecules with fancy colours aspiring to understand the Nature’s behaviour through biophysical studies. For the rest of her time, she will work to continue to make UNIV great as always!

Course: DPhil in

Background: MSci

Contact: wcr.entertainment@univ.ox.ac.uk

Emilie_website Emilie McDonnell, Social Secretary

Emilie has ventured across the waters from the land down under to study postgraduate law and pursue her passion for refugee law. When she isn’t busy lawyering, advocating for human rights, playing Australian football, singing, or dreaming about sunbaking and swimming back in Australia, she is busy participating in MCR events and having a good time. She is known for her outgoing and bubbly personality, so if you have any questions about life in Oxford, Univ, study or just want to chat, she’s your girl. As one of the Social Secretaries, Emilie is here to make sure you are having the best time possible.

Course: Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL)

Background: Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws, University of Tasmania; Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, University of Tasmania

Contact: wcr.entertainment@univ.ox.ac.uk

Staszek Welsh, Social Secretary

Stash enjoys getting people involved, watching pro wrestling and spending good times with friends. Two of those are great for ensuring everyone has all the mandatory fun it is mandatory to have at Univ. He also hates writing about himself in the third person, but that hasn’t stopped him so far.

Course: DTC in Theory and Modelling in the Chemical Sciences

Background: MChem in Chemistry, Trinity College Oxford


Tamar Koplatadze, Social Secretary

An ardent Univite devoted to maintaining Univ a fun and friendly place. Especially enjoys organising the BOPs (college parties) and meeting new students.
Can’t resist trying out the countless non-academic activities on offer at Oxford, from archery to singing in the choir, but her true long-standing passions are Acting/Drama, Painting/Art, Languages, and Food (particular weakness for prawn tempura).

Course: DPhil Student in Medieval and Modern Languages (Post-Soviet Women’s Writing)

Background: French Literature and Culture (MA) at King’s College London, French and Russian (BA) at the University of Bristol


Sam Cornish
, Environment Officer

Sam supports Middlesbrough FC. But he is an even bigger fan of mountains, oceans and Arctic regions.
As Hall and Environment Rep he will connect you with means of living more sustainably and producing less waste, as well as working with College to improve its practices.
If you wanna chat about nature or get involved with an environment/climate justice/waste/sustainable investment campaign in Oxford, talk to Sam!

Course: NERC Environmental Research DTP

Background: MEarthSci, Oxford


Will_websiteWill Prescott, External Officer

Perpetual student, book hoarder, and living fossil, Will Prescott successfully plotted his return to university after a year spent exiled in the real world. Hailing from South Australia, Australia’s only convict-free state, he moved to the mother country in 2016 to start a DPhil in British political history. His activities include reading, debating, the odd bit of travel, and joining committees. As such, he is now your External Affairs Officer on the MCR.

Course: DPhil in History

Background: BA (Hons), LLB (Hons), MPhil, University of Adelaide, Australia