WCR Committee

The members of the committee will be your main point of contact for most WCR matters. The WCR committee represents the graduate community to both the college and the university, looks after the welfare of WCR members and, most importantly, organises the social life of Univ grad students. Every committee member is happy to answer any questions or queries you might have, so don’t be shy!

Who are we?

Dan Woods, President

Dan is studying towards a DPhil in Cyber Security, a subject steeped in Oxford tradition. His favourite MCR event is the pot luck dinner. His electoral promise was to ‘Make Univ Great Again’. Contact Dan for all things WCR.

Course: DPhil in Cyber Security

Background: MSci Mathematics, University of Bristol

Contact: wcr.president@univ.ox.ac.uk

James Kirkpatrick
, Vice President / Treasurer

James is an established Univ veteran, having spent two years at Univ reading for a BPhil (it’s a master’s degree, honest!) before embarking on his DPhil. He now spends his days in the library investigating the semantics and pragmatics of formal and natural languages. Away from the dreaming spires, James enjoys a 50% raw veggie lifestyle, yoga, and single-origin black filter coffee. He is our wonderful VP and treasurer and he is always there to help with any problems that you may have, existential or otherwise.

Course: DPhil in Philosophy

Background: BPhil in Philosophy, University of Oxford; MLitt in Philosophy, University of St Andrews; BA, University of Reading

Contact: wcr.vpresident@univ.ox.ac.uk

Harrie Drage
, Secretary / Webmaster

As a professional fossil-enthusiast, Harrie spends the majority of her time looking at dead animals in museums (she wishes) and meeting writing deadlines (more common). Such is the life of a palaeontologist. Otherwise, she continues this nerdiness into her everyday life playing video games and watching movies, and travels a fair amount. As the WCR secretary she cracks the whip, organising committee meetings and sending nagging emails.

Course: DPhil in Palaeobiology (DTP Environmental Research)

Background: MSci in Palaeobiology, University College London

Contact: wcr.secretary@univ.ox.ac.uk

Lizzie_website Lizzie Raine, Welfare Officer

Lizzie is an Oxford veteran having arrived here back in 2010 for her undergrad. Last year’s Social Sec decided to become a Welfare Officer because she loves helping people with their problems and making sure everyone is having a great time. She is well aware of the stresses and strains of life here and is there to help with any problems that you might have, personal, college-related or otherwise.

Course:DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry

Background: MChem Chemistry, Lady Margaret Hall Oxford

Contact: wcr.welfare@univ.ox.ac.uk

Mandy Rojek, Welfare Officer

Course: DPhil in Clinical Medicine


Contact: wcr.welfare@univ.ox.ac.uk

Olivia_websiteOlivia Ashton, Social Secretary

In her attempts to save the world from fossil fuels, Olivia has been dashing about the country learning about solar panels. In transition to her graduate studies, she has also moved over to the dark side of physics. When not pretending to be a physicist and study sunlight, she loves diving to the bottom of the ocean to hang out with fish, or reading as many books as she can lay her hands on. As a Social Secretary she’s here to make sure you’re having a good time, all the time.

Course: DPhil in New and Sustainable Photovoltaics

Background: MSci in Chemistry, Imperial College London

Contact: wcr.entertainment@univ.ox.ac.uk

Sarah_website Sarah Wilker, Social Secretary

At the age of nine, Sarah decided she wanted to be Lara Croft. Unfortunately for her raiding tombs was not offered in American universities, so she decided to take the high road and become an archaeologist. Sarah spends her summers excavating the ancient sites of the Mediterranean and her school year excavating the ancient stacks of the Sackler library. Possibly the most annoyingly keen fresher to date, Sarah’s love of MCR events led her to the job of Social Secretary. She will collaborate with the other three amazing Social Secretaries to make the MCR as fun as it can possibly be.

Course: MPhil in Classical Archaeology

Background: BA in Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Contact: wcr.entertainment@univ.ox.ac.uk

Staszek Welsh, Social Secretary

Stash enjoys getting people involved, watching pro wrestling and spending good times with friends. Two of those are great for ensuring everyone has all the mandatory fun it is mandatory to have at Univ. He also hates writing about himself in the third person, but that hasn’t stopped him so far.

Course: DTC in Theory and Modelling in the Chemical Sciences

Background: MChem in Chemistry, Trinity College Oxford


Markus Dollmann,
Social Secretary




John Lidwell-Durnin
, Environment Officer

John is in the final year of his DPhil (really?!). He grew up in Phoenixville (Pennsylvania) and has two daughters (5 and 7) often trailing behind him in college. He likes rowing (when not injured), coffee, and has learned all the words to the Frozen Soundtrack through osmosis. He also has a working grasp of My Little Pony and has watched upwards of 30 hours of Stampycat. Unrelated to his life as a parent, he works on the history of madness and the asylum.

Course: DPhil in History of Science

Background: BA in Philosophy, Villanova University; BPhil in Philosophy, University of Oxford


Philip Welch
, Environment Officer

Phil, along with John, will be half of your Environment Rep team. His goal is to ensure that the MCR, and College as a whole, can be as environmentally friendly as possible. He’s studying for a DPhil Inorganic Chemistry and we’re sure that he can find some transferable skills that will keep Univ green.

Course: DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry

Background: MChem in Chemistry, University College Oxford


Danielle_websiteDanielle Kondla, External Officer

Danielle is generally a hermit who occasionally emerges to join society, particularly when food is involved. She forces herself into positions of leadership to avoid becoming socially awkward. For fun she enjoys running, hill walking, and staring at ducks, all while keeping a watchful eye out for cool rocks of course. As the lone Canadian on the WCR committee, she will be more than happy to discuss how awesome it is to be living and studying in the historic city of Oxford (as most everything here is older than her country…). Her ample “life experience” should help her successfully navigate the position of External Officer.

Course: DPhil in Oil & Gas CDT (Earth Sciences)

Background: MSc in Unconventional Reservoir Characterisation, University of Calgary; BSc in Geology at U of C; Diploma in Animal Health Technology at Olds College (specialisation in Equine Dentistry)